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Wedding Party - by Mandy's Flowers

Bridesmaid Bouquet [tw47-2]
Bridesmaid Bouquet [tw47-3]
Bridesmaid Bouquet [tw48-1]

Bridesmaid Bouquet [tw48-2]
Bridesmaid Bouquet [tw48-3]
White Ice Roses Wristlet [TF161-1B]

White Ice Rose Boutonniere [TF161-2B]
3 White Mini Roses Wristlet [TF161-3B]
5 White Mini Roses Wristlet [TF161-4B]

7 White Mini Roses Wristlet [TF161-5B]
Red-Hot Roses Boutonniere [TF161-6B]
Red-Hot Roses Wristlet [TF161-7B]

Purple Paradise Wristlet [TF161-9B]
Songs of the Heart Wristlet [TF162-1B]
Mixed Whites Wristlet [TF162-2B]

Lavender Roses Wristlet [TF162-3B]
Spring Sensation Wristlet [TF162-4B]
Purple Passion Wristlet [TF162-5B]

Pink Orchid Wristlet [TF162-7B]
Cool Blues Wristlet [TF162-8B]
Sweet Pastels Wristlet [TF162-9B]

Ruby Romance Bracelet [TF164-1B]
Sunshine and Roses Bracelet [TF164-2B]
June Gardens Bracelet [TF164-3B]

Red Rose Petals Boutonniere [TF165-2B]
White Rose Boutonniere [TF166-1B]
Hand-Tied White Roses Nosegay [TF166-2B]

Daydream Believer's Nosegay [TF166-3B]
Eye Candy Nosegay [TF166-5B]
Oriental Lilies Nosegay [TF167-1B]

Velvet Red Roses Nosegay [TF167-2B]
Sunlight Nosegay [TF167-3B]
Pinks and Peaches Nosegay [TF167-4B]

Violet Spectrum Nosegay [TF167-5B]
Peach Promise Boutonniere [TF168-1B]
Peach Promise Bouquet [TF168-2B]

Tiny Blossoms Boutonniere [TF168-3B]
Stephanotis Boutonniere [TF168-4B]
White Stock Boutonniere [TF168-5B]

White Lisianthus Boutonniere [TF168-6B]
White Freesia Boutonniere [TF169-1B]
Chartreuse Chrysanthemum Boutonniere [TF169-2B]

Miniature Calla Boutonniere [TF169-3B]
Purple Dendrobium Boutonniere [TF169-4B]
Pink Alstroemeria Boutonniere [TF169-5B]

Green Hydrangea Boutonniere [TF169-6B]
Mixed Foliage Boutonniere [TF169-7B]
Rolled Gypsophila Boutonniere [TF169-8B]

White Rose and Ivy Boutonniere [TF169-9B]
Miniature White Carnation Boutonniere [TF169-10B]
White Rose and Baby's Breath Boutonniere [TF169-11B]

Miniature White Rose Boutonniere [TF169-12B]
White Carnation Boutonniere [TF169-13B]
White Spray Rose Boutonniere [TF169-14B]

White Cascade Bridal Bouquet [TF170-1B]
Fragrant All-White Bouquet [TF171-1B]
Bountiful White Roses Nosegay [TF171-2B]

Lush and Lovely Roses Nosegay [TF171-3B]
Blushing Blossoms Nosegay [TF171-4B]
Pink on Pink Bouquet [TF172-1B]

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